About the restaurant


Georgian restaurant DEDIKO is located on two floors on Lobanovskyi Ave in Kyiv and has 4 chambers anda a terrace. The first floor area motivates you to have family meetings, breakfasts, and lunch. Meanwhile, in the evening DEDIKO becomes a perfect place for loud meetings and generous feasts.

In menu, you will find traditional Georgian food, brand dishes from DEDIKO, and some popular Ukrainian dishes. We offer different types of khachapuri, khinkali. Soups, fish and meat dishes, desserts

Wine card with wide range of wine from Georgia, France, Italy and New Zeeland. Certainly, you can diversify your feast with some cocktails and stronger alcohol. In cocktail card, you will wind both classic ones and mocktails – particularly lemonades.

Visit DEDIKO to enjoy delicious food, cozy atmosphere, and sincere hospitality.